What is depicted by 16 digits printed on Debit Card?

What do the numbers on my debit card mean? How to identify numbers on a debit card? What is card number and what do 16 digits on debit card mean? These are some basic questions that frequently asked. For complete details let us see below.

Debit Card is also known as ATM Card and it is used for online shopping, online bill payments etc . Without going bank we can withdraw money from ATM machine with the help of debit card.

Let us understand with the help of an example: For a moment treat your Debit-cum-ATM card as SIM card. If there is no suffcient balance in the SIM card then it will not be possible to make a call. Likewise is with our debit or ATM card that is if there is no balance in bank account, we cannot withdraw any amount via debit card. Due to advancement of technology, we have a benefit that now we need not to visit banks to withdraw cash, now we can have cash in hand through ATM machines by using debit card. Therefore, we can say that the meaning of Debit Card is Online Banking Transaction by which you can make any kind of Online Payment.

Nowadays, every bank account holder has a debit (ATM) card. In fact people use them conveniently but some do not have much knowledge about these cards. They even don’t know that bank account details can be easily accessed by the digits given on their debit card? They only knows that some numbers are written on both sides of the debit card.

Do you know that these digits or numbers not only depict the details of your bank account but are also very important from security point of view? It is very helpful in preventing fraudulent activities that can occur at the time of shopping and online banking. Moreover, if due to some type of negligence these details are leaked, then it might lead to the frauds.

What is the meaning of 16 digits written on Debit Card?

On the front face of debit card, a 16 digits’ code is written. First 6 digits are Bank Identification Number and the rest 10 digits are Unique Account Number of the card holder. Even the Global Hologram printed on the debit card is a type of security hologram which is very difficult to copy. It is three dimensional. The date and year of expiry is also written on the debit card so that the card holder can remember that after this date, debit card will not work.


What is the meaning of first digit on Debit Card?

Debit Card 1

Source: www.psdgraphics.com

First number shows that industry which has issued the card; it is known as Major Industry Identifier (MII). Like the Banks, Petroleum etc. It is different for different industries.

The industries that roll out MII code are:

1 – ISO and other industries
2 – Airlines
3 – Airlines and other industries
4 – Travels and entertainment (American Express or Food Club)
5 – Banking and Finance (VISA)
6 – Banking and Finance (Master Card)
7 – Banking and Merchandising
8 – Petroleum
9 – Telecommunications and other industries
10 – National Assignment

What is the meaning of first 6 digits?

Debit Card 2

Source: www.psdgraphics.com

The first 6 digits of debit card tells about the company which has issued the card. It is known as Issuer Identification Number (IIN).

Company’s IIN

Master Card = 5XXXXX



The next 9 numbers from 7th to 15th digit, leaving the last digit are:

Debit Card 3

Source: www.psdgraphics.com

From 7th digit to 15th digit, leaving the last digit, are linked to your bank account number. We cannot call it your bank account number but this number is linked with the account. But there is nothing to be worried about, as these numbers does not reveal anything about you and your bank account. It has only been issued by the card provider and is kept unique.

Now, the meaning of last digit on the Debit Card is:

Debit Card 4

Source: www.psdgraphics.com

The last number of debit card is known as Check Digit. From this digit, it can be inferred that whether the card is valid or not.

At the back of the Debit Card:

Debit Card CVV Number

Source: www. http:fbs.usc.edu

At the time of Online Shopping, CVV number is required so that the transaction can be completed properly. CVV is the three – digit number, which is given at the back of the card, it is generally present near the signature strip and is highlighted in italics.

So we can say that these 16 digits or numbers on the debit card represents Bank Identification Number and Unique Account Number of the card holder.

Frequently asked questions on debit or ATM card:

Q1. What is a debit card?
Ans. Debit card is also known as ATM card, plastic card, check card or bank card that can be used instead of cash at the time of purchasing. It is the most convenient and secure method to say no to cash. With the help of debit card do online payments, balance enquiry and also can generate mini-statements from an ATM.

Q2. How can you get a debit card?
Ans. When you open a bank account in a certain bank you receive an opening kit of the bank which consists of debit card, passbook etc. In case you didn’t receive a debit card while opening a bank account then you can call customer care number of the bank or visit the branch to request for a debit card.

Q3. Who can apply for ATM-cum-Debit-card?
Ans. Any individual account holder having Savings Bank or Current Account, single, or joint account operated as Either or Survivor / Former or Survivor / Later or Survivor/ Anyone or Survivor / Pensioners, NRE account holders.

Q4. What is a Personal identification Number (PIN)?
Ans. PIN is a four-digit unique number of your debit card through which you can access your cash and can make any transaction through your ATM. Do remember to keep your PIN safe and confidential and also do not share it with anybody.

Q5. How much amount you can withdraw by using debit card or is there any transaction limit?
Ans. On daily cash withdrawals there are limits and it depends upon the type of debit card you hold. You can withdraw from Rs 15,000 to 2 lakh or even higher, depending upon the type of card you are using. For premium cards withdrawal limit of cash and point-of-sales limits are higher.

Q6. Are any charges levied for using a debit card for cash withdrawal?
Ans. Basically, cash withdrawals from the same bank’s ATM are absolutely free. In fact some bank charges nominal charge in case more than five transactions you made from you bank’s ATM.

Q7. When ATM-cum-Debit card is lost or misplaced whet immediate steps are to be taken?
Ans. Contact Toll free help line number and inform about the loss of card and make request to BLOCK the card and stop the operations of the card on the network. Please note to take ticket number from the Contact Centre. In case customers are not able to contact the Contact Centre for hot-listing there cards, they can approach any branch of the Bank. Inform immediately the card issuing branch telephonically about the loss of card followed by written request to BLOCK the card.



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