May 9: Facts & Historical Events On This Day



May 9th observes Moscato Day & Lost Sock Memorial Day.

We are now on the 129th day of the year, congratulations for making it this far into 2022. There are 236 days left until next year.

This day in history was certainly a day of firsts covering many areas like health, transport and much more. Find out the facts and historical events that happened on this day.

Did you know that on this day in 1926, the first flight over the North Pole was completed? It was flown by Richard E. Byrd with co-pilot Floyd Bennett.

Keep reading for more interesting facts about May 9th in history!


What Events Happened On May 9 In History?

2012President Barack Obama officially declared his support of same-sex marriage.

2005The Huffington Post was launched, founded by Arianna Huffington, Andrew Breitbart, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti.

2001A stampede killed 129 people in Ghana.

OTD in 2001: A stampede killed 129 people in Ghana.

At the Accra Sports Stadium, the two most popular football teams of Ghana competed. Disappointed fans of the losing team became rowdy, and police fired teargas. This started a panic, and with not enough exits, a deadly stampede occurred.

1980Five bank robbers armed themselves and attempted a heist in Norco, California.

The ensuing shootout and police chase is one of the most destructive in California’s history, with more than 30 police vehicles destroyed, countless wounded, and three fatalities. The robbers were so heavily armed that they easily out-gunned the police forces, which led the California government to rapidly up-scale their police force’s arsenal.

1965The Luna 5 attempted to land on the Moon.

The Luna 5 was an uncrewed USSR spacecraft meant to land on the Moon. It was intended to be the first spacecraft to succeed in making a soft landing on the surface. Unfortunately, the retrorockets failed, and the Luna 5 crashed on the surface.

1960The United States became the first country to legalize a birth control pill.

OTD in 1960: The United States became the first country to legalize a birth control pill.

1958The noir psychological thriller film “Vertigo,” directed by Alfred Hitchcock, was released.

1926The first flight over the North Pole was completed, flown by Richard E. Byrd with co-pilot Floyd Bennett.

1904A steam locomotive called City of Truro became the first steam engine to go over 100 miles per hour.

Aside from being the first locomotive to exceed 100 miles per hour, it was also the first vehicle of any kind to do so.

1899John Burr patented a better rotary blade lawn mower, designed with traction wheels and a rotary blade that would not easily get stuck with grass clipping.

1671An attempt was made to steal the Crown Jewels.

OTD in 1671: An attempt was made to steal the Crown Jewels.

As part of an elaborate plan, Colonel Thomas blood befriended the keeper of the jewels and frequently visited. After some time, Colonel Blood requested to see the treasures, at which point he knocked the keeper of the jewels unconscious and stabbed him. While Colonel Blood was taking the jewels, the keeper woke up and alerted the guards.

1502Christopher Columbus embarked on his fourth and final journey into the New World.

Famous People Born On May 9

Are you celebrating your birthday today? If so, did you know that you share the same birthday as Noah Centineo? See what other famous people were born on this day.


American Actor

Noah Centineo
25 years old
Florida, USA


American YouTuber

Collins Key
25 years old
California, USA


American Musician

Billy Joel
72 years old
New York, USA


American Actress

Rosario Dawson
42 years old
New York, USA

Special Holidays On May 9

If you’ve got a few minutes spare today, why not celebrate these special holidays.

May 9: National Moscato Day


Italy is famed for producing a large variety of excellent quality delicious wines, and one of the best has got to be Moscato wine. May 9 is celebrated as Moscato Day, so be sure to enjoy a glass or two today.

May 9: National Lost Sock Memorial Day


It happens to the best of us. One day you wake up, and one of your favorite socks has simply vanished into thin air, and we don’t ever give ourselves enough time to grieve. Lost Sock Memorial Day is a day to reflect on all the socks that have come and gone throughout our lives.

May 9 Birthday Facts, Zodiac & Birthstone

Everyone who was born on May 9 shares the same star sign, Taurus.

Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac and is represented by the bull. Like bulls, Taureans are known to be intelligent, dependable, hardworking, dedicated, and stubborn.

All those born in the month of May have the Emerald birthstone. The Emerald birthstone symbolizes spiritual awareness while providing protection, a love-filled life, and great wisdom.

If you were born on this day, you would likely have been conceived on or around August 16 of the previous year.