A Short History of Showering

Man Enjoying His Hot Shower Bath

Personal hygiene hasn’t always been an integral part of grooming, yet the need to clean oneself easily and quickly was as pressing in ancient times as it is today. Bathing in a tub was cumbersome, so those who could bathed under waterfalls. These were the first showers used by man. The first man-made showers that…

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The biggest state

Beautiful View Of Snow Mountains

The biggest parts of the Union Every state in the Union is bound by the same Constitution, but states aren’t always equal. In terms of wildlife, industries, culture, and even size, the different states can be wildly different from one another. Find out which states make up a bigger part of the union than the…

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Why does ancient Egypt’s distinctive art style make everything look flat?

Ancient Egypts Distinctive Art Style

In 1986, the band “The Bangles” sang about “all the old paintings on the tombs” where the figures they depict are “walking like an Egyptian.” Though he was neither an art historian nor an Egyptologist, songwriter Liam Sternberg was referring to one of the most striking features of ancient Egyptian visual art — the depiction of people,…

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